1 in 2 Unsure of Globalization’s Benefits, Survey Finds

-Globalization questioned by almost half of those surveyed, with many advocating for trade barriers

-Decline in trust and ambivalence likely a symptom exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic

-For fair outcomes, governments need to work with local officials to create policies related to the environment, jobs and tax, expert says

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Geneva, Switzerland, 19 August 2021 — Public perception of globalization has declined over the past two years, with almost half unsure of its benefits and more than one-third advocating for trade barriers.

Findings from the latest World Economic Forum/Ipsos market survey of almost 20,000 people in 25 countries show a mix of polarization and ambivalence about free trade, globalization, and protectionist policies.

Trends show 75% of those surveyed agreeing that expanding trade is a good thing, yet almost 40% believe there should be more trade barriers to limit imports of foreign goods and services. Notably, 36% are neutral or have no option.

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