10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

Researchers studying zebras in the wild placed a red dot on the target zebras to distinguish them, but they were quickly eaten by lions. The Zebra Effect says that blending into the crowd is a survival mechanism. Standing out is risky.

In his final shareholder letter, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos called out the difficulty and importance of the fight against normalcy. Specifically, he said that your distinctiveness isn’t free—it comes with a steep cost. But it is worth it.

10 ways to stand out: (1) Take care of your house, (2) Learn to enjoy being wrong, (3) Let curiosity guide you, (4) Do the old fashioned things well, (5) Stop fearing boredom, (6) Avoid perspective blindness, (7) Find your tribe, (8) Avoid the comparison trap, (9) Stop taking everyone’s advice, and (10) Avoid the need for external validation.

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