3 Lessons from David Foster Wallace’s “This Is Water”

-On May 21, 2005, David Foster Wallace stepped up to the podium at Kenyon College to deliver the annual commencement address. If there is one piece of writing that has had the greatest impact on how I think about the world and my experience in it, it is this speech.

-When we allow our arrogance to win, we are the prisoner completely unaware of our state of imprisonment. When we fight the arrogance, we experience a richer, more complex, and more dynamic existence.

-We all come with a default setting that places ourselves at the center of the universe and disallows any level of compassion or empathy. Rejecting the default setting breathes new life into our days.

-Do not allow yourself to be enslaved by the mimetic worships of your default settings. True freedom is found in choosing how to think and what to think about.

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