Are we living in the most important century?

Let’s zoom out for a bit. Could this century be the most important for humanity ever — of all that ever were and ever will be? This long and thoughtful series of posts makes that argument. In a nutshell:

  • Artificial intelligence will lead to an unimaginable explosion of scientific and technological advancement.
  • When that happens, humans as we know them will no longer be the main force in world events. Instead, it will be digital people or misaligned AI.
  • This could happen as early as this century. Therefore, now is our last chance to shape how that transition happens, making this the most important century for humanity.

To be honest: I went into this series like and now I’m like . These are not simply Sci-Fi musings, but conclusions drawn from research (speculative in nature, sure, but well argued).

You can choose to read a summary or the whole series, you can listen to the series read by the author, or hear the author explain his theory in an interview with Ezra Klein — whatever works for you. Trust me, diving into this is worth your time.

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 This week: Elongated and Musk-free (#392)

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