Boring Things You Can Do to Make a Lot More Money and Work Less

Those who understand money, understand the universe.

But life isn’t all about money, although mastering it can sure make things more interesting. That’s the challenge with money. Making more money is boring so it’s easy to never do it.

Let’s whack a few money firecrackers in your hand and watch them explode.

The coolest money trend you haven’t seen

Consumerism is a mind virus that keeps us poor. You already knew that.

Well, rich people have a cool answer. Yes, it’s fashionable to eat the rich and call them scoundrels. But like I always say, everyone has valuable information to share — especially people you disagree with.

Living below your means is now a flex.

Alex Hormozi helped start the movement by posting a picture of the rundown Toyota Prius he drove when his annual income was $1m a year. Others did the same.

Driving a boring car can save you a lot of money over your lifetime. It’s a metal hot tub with four rubber wheels and a steering wheel. Don’t overcompensate on a car to look rich — it’ll keep you poor.

There are many broke people driving new Mercedes and wealthy people driving used Toyotas.

Shove that pay rise where the sun doesn’t shine

Getting a pay rise at work is a curse I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. You’re not going to make a lot of money AND work less with a high salary. One boss I got on well with offered me a 25% raise. Here’s what I said:

“I don’t want more money. I want you to leave me the hell alone.”

Filthy rich and burned out sucks. Moderately wealthy and free is heaven.

Use time to work on what you care about after hours and fund a future where no one tells you what to do anymore.

Dare to choose a low salary like this weirdo on Reddit

Vanderal on Reddit woke up the internet when he told his story.

From age 19–25 he hustled his face off at work. Gary Vee would be proud. Then he used the money to buy an average house and pay it off quickly. He kept his beaten-up Honda Civic too.

Now he earns roughly $20k-$30k a year working one hour a day.

“I just like being free,” he says. With all the extra time he plays computer games, watches Netflix, and likes to drive interstate to a national park and sleep in the back of his Civic.

What’s bizarre is even with such a low annual income he still manages to save a big chunk of it and invest it into stocks.

His parents aren’t happy with his decision. They want him to go back to the ball-and-chain slavery of college and become a qualified programmer.

He considered it but then spoke to his programmer friends about their happiness levels. Turns out most of them hate their coding job and never have any time.

Low salaries have less drama.


The real story of life is bloody simple

Time, money, and energy are the three currencies of life.

To make more money and work less you’ve got to zoom out and understand how these pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Here’s a great way to think about money at different stages of life:

 Image Credit-Michael Arouet via Twitter

Kids have no money and want to grow up fast to get more of it. Adults have money but have to give up their childlike free time to earn it. The elderly have money but their energy levels are shot to pieces and time is running out.

A ticking clock that’s about to explode because your death is near is no way to get the benefits of being financially free.

Think about money, energy, and time to rewire your future. You’ll make different decisions when you do.

The paycheck-to-paycheck forgotten reality

When we hear “living paycheck-to-paycheck” we instantly think of people who don’t have enough money.

The reality is most of society lives paycheck to paycheck, even if they earn seven figures a year.

The problem isn’t a lack of money. It’s an obsession for buying useless stuff we don’t need to purchase fake happiness — or keep up with the Joneses who are a fictional Disney family.

A boring thing to do is keep your expenses the same even if your income increases. Wealth creation happens fast when you do. All you gotta do is keep your impulses in check and have some financial discipline.

Easy solution: unsubscribe from all shopping emails and quit watching Youtube ads. Marketers creating content to invent problems you don’t have will cease to be a reality when you do.

The biggest expense that beautiful humans easily miss

It’s boring as hell, but a bad attitude costs you a lot of money.

People run for the hills when all you can talk about is what’s wrong with the world. No sane person wants to hear that.

Program your mind to see the good in the world with podcasts, books, tweet threads, and kickass Youtube education. If the content bleeds it doesn’t lead — it destroys financial futures, forcing us to work more.

Money does one bizarre thing

You can use money to buy nice things, but those things end up owning you. Money can be used to buy freedom from things, too.

Don’t outsource your personal power to a grumpy old man

My friend Kenny taught me that an employer can feed you but they can starve you too (the way they did with recent layoffs).

A regular, grumpy old boss man owns your autotomy. They control if you eat and what time you have dinner with your family.

The solution is to build a side hustle after hours so a 9–5 job is an option. That’s how you reclaim your personal power.

We’re accidentally living in a buy now pay later society

In 2020 we all got those sweet, sweet stimmy checks. Now in 2022 we got 8.6% US inflation.

Conor Mac calls this the ultimate buy now pay later scheme. We thought 2020 was glorious with all the free money. Now we’re paying the bill and going through a bad recession. Everything in the world is cause and effect.

There’s no such thing as a free stimmy and a college loan with 100% discount.

Stealing from the future to pay for the present is how society could go bankrupt. All you can do is ensure this bad trend doesn’t bleed into your financial life. Pay for things when you can afford them.

Not with debt that has a 3X tax on your future.

Understanding the buy now, pay later model and avoiding it is the final way you make more money and work less.

This article is for informational purposes only, it should not be considered financial, tax or legal advice. Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

Tim Denning

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