Building an Exponential Organization

Two events between 2006 and 2007 forever changed the business world and gave birth to what’s now known as an “Exponential Organization.”

In August 2006, Amazon launched its EC2 cloud services, now called AWS or Amazon Web Services.

Six months later, in January 2007, Apple launched the iPhone. The birth of the iPhone was an augury of a revolution in the business world. Everything in high tech turned upside down that day. All existing strategies in consumer electronics were quickly rendered obsolete. Almost instantly, the entire future of the digital world was up for grabs to those willing to pursue the implications of this new model.

These two events, occurring within months of each other, comprise the asteroid impact that changed the business world forever. This was the birth of the Exponential Organization. The iPhone created a new model for consumer engagement via the App Store and AWS allowed any startup to move computing off the balance sheet to a variable cost.

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