Can a conservative be a future-optimist?

It’s long past time to revive a cheery futurist philosophy on the right that fully embraces rapid technological progress to make a better America and world #UpWing

How can a conservative be a pro-progress future-optimist? How would that even work? Isn’t it a contradiction in terms — or even a blatant oxymoron like “negative growth” or “cold fire”? Everybody knows that conservatives only care about maintaining the status quo, adhering to tradition, and embracing nostalgia for an America long past (especially during the Donald Trump era). More importantly: How can one be rationally optimistic about the future without any interest in mitigating climate change, the existential issue of our time?

Before I answer those questions — and I will — let me ask a couple of my own: How can any self-described conservative be optimistic about the image of the future presented by many on the left, particularly anti-growth environmentalists? Some headlines:

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