Could the Next 9/11 Originate in Turkey?

Prior to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York and Washington, DC, Saudi Arabia was Teflon. Saudi leaders charmed their American counterparts. Both Democratic and Republican administrations waved off concerns about let alone consequences for Saudi support for radical Islamism by citing Washington’s security partnership with Riyadh. Much of the blindness, however, was willful. Generations of US diplomats and other senior officials saw Saudi Arabia as their golden parachute. To raise difficult questions was to walk away from a secure retirement.

While the 9/11 Commission exposed warning signs the American intelligence community should have seen coming, it appears a generation later, American policymakers have not learned the lesson.

Turkey has become in the 21st century what Saudi Arabia was in the 20th:  A petri dish for extremism and an engine of support for global militancy.

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