Discipline vs. fairness

What’s better, a fish or a bicycle?

That’s a ridiculous question, because they’re not opposites nor are they exclusive.

It’s tempting to come to the conclusion that discipline is on one end of a spectrum and fairness is on the other.

We see it in sports, business and politics all the time. A boss or coach is seen as a voice of discipline, right and wrong, certainty and power, while the ‘other side’ is all tied up in knots over what’s more fair.

But they actually don’t oppose each other. Fairness can be executed with rigor. Fairness can lead to productivity and efficiency. Fairness is actually what forward motion is capable of.

The opposite of discipline is actually laziness, and that’s often associated with fear. Fear of responsibility and fear of the truth. Responsibility and truth are required if we’re going to get on the right track.


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