Do we have a chance against AI in the skills race?

Workers today are being urged to constantly reskill. Artificial intelligence favours certain new skills while making others redundant, but it’s not that simple to choose what to invest in. Fabian Stephany and Ole Teutloff reveal that complementarity – the degree to which skills can be combined – is key to understanding the economic value of a particular skill.

Can we keep up with AI? The question of whether we will be “racing against or with machines” has been a prominent one in recent years. AI and other digital technologies have started to reshape industries, rendering some jobs obsolete while creating entirely new ones. This constant transformation demands that workers and organisations adapt to the changing landscape of work. Technological advancements, especially in fields like AI (think ChatGPT or Dall-E), bring forth new opportunities, but they also create a pressing need for specific skills.

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