Endless Media

ChatGPT is the latest step towards a world of infinite, customizable content, all generated by artificial intelligence. Its advent will impact how we create, consume, and commercialize media.

If you only have a few minutes to spare, here’s what investors, operators, and founders should know about endless media.

  • AI is an increasingly capable creator of media. ChatGPT is the latest manifestation of artificial intelligence’s mind-boggling abilities. Models can write essays, pen poems, spawn images, and generate videos.
  • We may be entering an age of “endless media.” AI is not only a capable creator but an instantaneous, economical one. Over time, it may match or surpass human abilities across mediums, leading to a world in which creating a film, comic, or novel can be done on demand, ad infinitum.
  • Endless media could reinforce the value of existing IP. Franchises dominate our culture, especially in film and television. However, big franchises must often spend big bucks to bring their latest installment to life. AI could provide cost and time-savings that unlock a step change in value. But while it may prove a benefit to IP holders, it also threatens them, making it easier for everyone to create quality media.
  • Artists, writers, and other creatives will need to adapt. Some creatives will see huge efficiency gains; many others will become obsolete. As AI improves, the demand for human artistic work may disappear or greatly diminish. 
  • Shared cultural references may disappear. Despite social media’s balkanization of attention, there are still shared cultural touchpoints. Once media can be generated on demand with infinitely customizable options, will this be lost? Watercooler moments may be few and far between.

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