“F*ck You” Money

What is the optimal amount of wealth?

In a 2018 Esquire interview, essayist and statistician Nassim Taleb gave the following description for the optimal amount of wealth:

Money can’t buy happiness, but the absence of money can cause unhappiness. Money buys freedom: intellectual freedom, freedom to choose who you vote for, to choose what you want to do professionally. But having what I call “f*ck you” money requires a huge amount of discipline. The minute you go a penny over, then you lose your freedom again. If money is the cause of your worry, then you have to restructure your life.

Nassim Taleb

This runs counter to the generally accepted idea of “f*ck you” money.

We tend to picture “f*ck you” money as a minimum hurdle. What’s your “f*ck you” money amount?

$100K? 1M? $5M? $100M? Everybody has a different answer.

“F*ck you” money, in our heads, is a singular point. Once we cross it, life’s problems melt away. When you have X amount of money, you can say “no” to things that you don’t want to do. Nobody owns you. Your life is wholly yours. You have the ultimate degree of freedom.

This is what we think “F*ck you” money looks like:

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