Five frontier challenges to deep decarbonization

Investment theses of a new boundary-pushing fund with Energy Impact Partners’ Shayle Kann

As the market map of “climate tech” continues to broaden, what core innovation guideposts frame your investment thesis for deep decarbonization?

The challenge with truly tackling climate change – and, conversely, the most attractive thing about “climate tech” – is how pervasive GHG emissions are throughout the global economy. They come from almost all human activity, which means the process of deep decarbonization (i.e. solving for the areas that will help us truly achieve net-zero, not just the things that start us down the right path) will require a dramatic transformation of many of the largest sectors in the world.

That’s great when you’re looking for a total addressable market you can measure in the trillions, but it’s tricky when you want to figure out where to focus. So we’ve spent a lot of time trying to boil the massive challenge of deep decarbonization down to something digestible, both for us as investors and for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task at hand.

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