How Nissan Created A 4-Hour Ad Viewers Don’t Want to Skip

Automakers are starting to realize their customers like this internet thing

“At first, I was like, ‘Is this really a 4-hour ad?’ Then I was like, ‘Damn, this beat is fire.’”

Most of us click “skip ad” as soon as we can, but Nissan found a clever way to keep viewers engaged — for 4 hours — without reaching for the “skip” button: an ad disguised as a lo-fi playlist.

The car company shared a 4-hour-long lo-fi playlist on YouTube featuring an animated character driving a Nissan Ariya. It clearly worked on the commenter quoted above…

… and then some: Since February, the video has racked up 18m+ views and 3.7k+ overwhelmingly positive comments.

What makes the ad so captivating?

The music, for starters. Lo-fi fans love YouTube, using it to discover new playlists to stream.

And Nissan, to its credit, put together a solid playlist.

  • They took clear inspiration from Lofi Girl, a popular YouTube channel that streams 24/7 and has racked up ~1.6B (yes, B as in billion) views since it started live streaming in 2020.



Car marketing finally goes digital

Automotive marketing has long been ripe for innovation. For some time, car commercials had been formulaic and the industry slow to embrace online customers

… until the pandemic forced their hand.

As travel restrictions, high interest rates, and supply chain issues brought major growth challenges, reliance on well-worn marketing tactics stopped cutting it.

In March 2020, 10% of car purchases moved online — up from 1% in 2018. With that figure expected to grow, automakers face pressure to move more of their marketing online.

Nissan has lo-fi covered, but as other companies hatch plans, might we suggest sponsoring some long nose dogs?

How Nissan Created A 4-Hour Ad Viewers Don’t Want to Skip

 Many YouTube viewers click “skip ad” as soon as possible, but Nissan figured out how to keep viewers engaged for four hours without reaching for the “skip” button. Keep reading to learn how.

The automotive industry is ripe for marketing innovation. Traditionally, outside of the occasional car commercial featuring vehicles driving through various terrains and excursions, most of the marketing happened at car dealerships.

Until the pandemic.

Between travel restrictions, high interest rates, and supply chain issues that caused manufacturing disruptions, the automotive industry has had major growth challenges over the past few years, and relying on dealerships alone to push sales isn’t cutting it.

With more customers looking to facilitate the car buying process online, car manufacturers’ ability to embrace digital marketing tactics is more important than ever for making sales.

Earlier this year, Nissan launched a new ad that is refreshingly different from traditional marketing tactics associated with car companies.

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