How to upskill for 2022

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we must expect the unexpected and upskilling ourselves is one way to help navigate and adapt to the everchanging situation. The World Economic Forum projects that by the end of 2022, at least 54 per cent of all employees will need re-skilling and upskilling to respond to the changing work requirements. Six LSE academics — Robert Falkner, Barbara Fasolo, Umar Taj, Aurelie Cnop-Nielson, Emma Soane, and Stephan Chambers — share their thoughts on why we need to upskill for 2022, the main skills that will be useful for the coming year, and practical tips on how to gain these skills.

A digital world

“To stay ahead of developments and your competitors requires a constant effort to keep up with technological trends but also to acquire the skills to manage technological disruption.” Dr Robert Falkner

Looking towards an uncertain future, one thing is certain: we can’t escape the overwhelming need for digital skills. From the adoption of online video platforms to communicate, hold meetings and teach lessons, to the rapid expansion of online shopping platforms and development of new local delivery services, so many aspects of our lives were shifted online. This digitalisation of the economy will continue to impact almost every job in every sector – so what skills will be most useful for the coming year?

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