Inner vs Outer Healing

Surface level cuts might only require time to heal.

Deeper cuts will require more than that.

  • Ointment/ Prescription medications
  • Band aids/ Gauze/ Stitches
  • Surgery

As it is with inner healing.

Some surface level pains may only need time.

But, the deeper pains will require more active solutions.

  • Meditation / Time Away / Soul Searching
  • Prescriptive Reading / Introspective Writing
  • Group/Individual Therapy

Give your deep cuts only time to heal and they will likely become infected (and worsen).

By matching the proper prognosis to the severity of the (inner) pain, you’ll maximize your ability (and minimize the time it takes) to heal.

This starts by being completely honest with yourself or, better yet, getting an objective perspective about the severity of your inner pains; understanding the prognosis for each; and finding a way to take the proper actions in spite of the resistance you’re bound to face.

As hard as inner healing might be… it always beats infected inner wounds that you’re forced to face because of their un-ignorable severity. This is never a better route.


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