Primary-engagement monetization

Niche media requires new ad products

In the early days of internet advertising, people talked a lot about Vogue. The reason is Vogue was as much about the ads as the editorial content. People in large part bought Vogue as much for the ads as the stories. For the sales side and the ad industry, this is nirvana. It was reminiscent of discussions I’d always hear from ad agencies about how the Super Bowl proved people actually really liked ads, just so long as they were sufficiently… creative.

File these in the lies media people love to tell themselves. Vogue and the Super Bowl are glaring exceptions to the norm, in which normal people rightly recognize advertising as a tax. Advertising has always been interruptive, designed to hijack your attention from what you’re doing. The dream of the seamless integration of ads and content ended up dying quickly as internet publishing became, for the most part, a direct-response medium that had more in common with the sketchiness of the junk mail world than the glamor of the red carpet at Cannes.

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