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Welcome To The A.I. Arms Race

Last week, Google, who has, to put it politely, had their shit rocked by the emergence of consumer-level generative-A.I., published a blog post titled, “Google Research, 2022 & Beyond: Language, Vision and Generative Models”.

It’s an interesting — and very dense — look at how Google is thinking about A.I. and, after skimming it, it seems like it’s largely meant to explain exactly where Google’s A.I. investment has been going. And the answer is, well, mostly in the background. And I’d file it under the same category as these recent comments from Yann LeCun, the chief A.I. scientist at Meta, who, last week, said that ChatGPT was “not particularly innovative.” Which is to say I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more academics emerge from behind the curtain to basically ask, “why are you normies so impressed with a web app that can’t draw fingers?”

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