Silence is a language

“Notes” of An ElderWe are all just human beings sharing a common experience called life

Nothing in life is of any value unless it is shared with others.“Notes” of An Elder is a depository of pertinent information, knowledge and wisdom. Available weekly will be an elder’s “thinking menu” for your use. Enjoy this bounty.

  • Don’t let the world ignore you.
  • If you want to change your mind, first change your behavior.
  • Taking time to think can be an unpopular position as people rush to find someone to blame.
  • Hope is the essence of being human.
  • Is there light on the other side of darkness?
  • Everybody is shouting. Nobody is listening.
  • Live a life that does not cause pain and suffering for others.
  • Loneliness and isolation are ways of abandoning ourselves.
  • The most important meetings are the meetings with ourselves.


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