Someday soon, you will tweet for the last time

Why Didn’t Twitter Become The TikTok Of Text?

I feel more than a little vindicated this morning thanks to a Reuters report that went out yesterday revealing that Twitter’s power users — which are defined as people who log in almost daily and tweet more than 3 times a week — have been in “absolute decline” since the start of the pandemic. Out of curiosity, I went back through my own archives and it was on December 2, 2020 when I was first said that I thought the site was dying. So I’m glad my instincts are still right!

But it’s not just Twitter that feels like it’s dying. Facebook’s problems are well-known at this point. Snapchat has had two very punishing quarters. Instagram is having an existential crisis that has caused the Kardashians to question their need for the app. And this quarter, YouTube’s revenue declined for the first time. It’s enough that the New York Times’ Kevin Roose wrote this morning that “the industry increasingly feels as if it’s having an identity crisis.” Earlier this year, I argued that it was a midlife crisis — with ridiculous dreams of metaverses, live audio apps, Bitcoin payments, and NFT video game clothes taking the place of young new girlfriends and boat payments. Of course, based on what I see from Silicon Valley elites, it seems like both are happening.

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