Startup Continent: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Europe

Our graphic highlights the top-funded tech startup in every European country, including unicorns like Sweden’s Klarna and Germany’s N26.

Europe is home to prominent startup and innovation hubs across cities like Berlin, Stockholm, London, and more. But the tech boom is diffusing across the continent — and startups are emerging far beyond the established tech hotbeds.

Since 2015, nearly $130B has been invested across more than 23,600 equity deals to tech startups on the European continent.

  • The top-funded startup in Europe is the United Kingdom’s broadband satellite company OneWeb, with nearly $3.9B in disclosed equity funding.
  • Rounding out the top 3 most well-funded startups in the region are Sweden-based Klarna($2.8B in disclosed equity funding), which offers a “buy now, pay later” solution, and challenger bank N26 in Germany ($822M).
  • Nine of the 37 companies featured in our map are unicorns with disclosed valuations of $1B+ (all tracked in real time on the CB Insights global unicorn club tracker). These unicorns are: Klarna ($31B valuation, Sweden), Bolt($4.3B, Estonia), N26 ($3.5B, Germany),  Collibra ($2.4B, Belgium), Deezer ($1.4B, France), Vinted ($1.1B, Lithuania), Nexthink ($1.1B, Switzerland), and Glovo ($1B, Spain).
  • The region is home to 18 countries whose most well-funded tech startup has raised over $100M in equity funding. Only OneWeb and Klarna have raised more than $1B in equity funding.
  • The least well-funded startup on the map is Croatia-based Gideon Brotherswhich has raised $5.7M in seed and angel funding.
  • Since our last update of this map in December 2020, two featured startups have pursued exits: UK-based Deliveroohas filed to go public, and Germany-based Auto1 Group IPOed in February.

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