The Aptera’s unique design philosophy solves common EV weaknesses

Decarbonizing transportation will require rethinking everything from ships and planes to public transport and road vehicles.

If you recall from my post on EV batteries, transitioning from combustion vehicles to EVs isn’t so straightforward:

EV battery materials like lithium and cobalt are monopolized by a few countries and companies. And the mining practices surrounding them have been shady (and illegal sometimes) and destructive to workers, communities, and ecosystems.

EVs require charging infrastructure so people can charge their cars as conveniently as they would refuel their old gas tanks. And the chargers should be super fast.

The electricity powering EVs should come from renewable sources like solar and wind, instead of fossil fuels.

Solving each of these problems will be a long journey. But what if we redesigned EVs in a way that eliminates these problems?

Aptera Motors has the sole purpose of creating the most efficient vehicle ever. The San Diego-based company is on the verge of delivering its first Aptera vehicles after 10+ years of R&D.

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