The End of Human Coding

During last year’s Abundance Summit, Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI, made the statement that we would have “no more humans coding in 5 years.”

Should we embrace this as inevitable and tell our kids they no longer need to learn to code?

There’s strong evidence that AI has already surpassed the ability of human coders, let’s look at three datapoints:

  1. In early 2023, OpenAI’s ChatGPT passed Google’s exam for high-level software developers.
  2. Later in 2023, GitHub reported that 46% of code across all programming languages is built using Copilot, the company’s AI-powered developer tool.
  3. Finally, DeepMind’s AlphaCode in its debut outperformed human programmers. When pitted against over 5,000 human participants, the AI beat 45% of expert programmers.


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