The Perks of Being Moderately Famous

Or, why it’s better to be locally famous and globally anonymous

I’ve recently been thinking about fame. Especially how it affects an individual. I feel it’s far far better to be locally famous than be globally famous.

I’m a huge fan of writer creator John Green and his brother Hank Green. I for one believe the Greens enjoy much more freedom (and have much more fun) than someone like Shah Rukh Khan — even though SRK has much much more fame than the Greens.

Whereas SRK has mass appeal (literally everyone knows him) and is thus more horizontally famous, the Green brothers are very well known vertically. Whoever knows them knows them really well.

Being vertically or locally famous comes with a tonne of perks. Actually, no. A more appropriate way of saying this would be: Being globally famous takes away a lot of perks. For one, can SRK ever go on a solo trip? Not that he’ll ever need to. But… if he feels like experiencing a city from the eyes of a commoner, it’s not an option for him anymore. Like many other celebrities, he’ll have to live his life in a certain way. Forever.1

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