This lesser-known scientific theory might just change your life

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If at the end of this piece you find yourself wanting a reminder to work smarter rather than harder, boy do I have a doodad for you.

The Movie… 

For most of my career, I’ve notoriously burnt the candle at both ends.

The danger in this, of course, is that while a candle spitting out two flames at once might produce a substantial amount of heat, it’s not sustainable. Worst yet, this kind of foul play can wind up burning the candle handler, as well as the loved ones of the candle handler.

I get burned every single year and always around the same time––the late summer to early fall––after clocking in 50-60 hour weeks for eight or nine months straight, rarely allowing myself a day off to hole up somewhere and rest.

It took me entering into a relationship with a woman I want to build a life with––who isn’t afraid to tell me the truth, no matter how violent it may be to my ego––to realize that the obsessive way in which I was approaching my life, my work, my exercise and my constant need for self-improvement was slowly killing me.

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