Twelve Things I Don’t Give a Shit About Right Now

They’re wasting your time and draining your life.

Everyone wants you to care about their agenda.

As such, our attention gets dragged in multiple directions simultaneously. We can’t make out our head from our ass most of the time because of it.

Some say making lots of money is the holy grail. I disagree. Reducing the mental load on your brain is true wealth.

Here are the things I don’t give a sh*t about today. Eliminate them to save your brain.

The knobhead who is Andrew Tate

This guy is a male pig.

He came on the scene dissing women and empowering people to become bros. He’s racist, polarizing, immature, full of himself, and evil.

He figured out that if he had an army of copycats who’d promote his social media posts in return for an affiliate fee, he couldn’t be canceled.

It took years for anyone to try and turn social media into a weapon of mass destruction. Now he’s got the keys to the kingdom, he’s exploiting it. So his name trends on Twitter every day.

Screw people who seek to divide us to for sh*ts and giggles.

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