We asked young people about work and skills. Here’s what they told us

• We polled 11,000 young people around the world and spoke to a small group of them about the future of work and skills.

• Almost two-thirds are optimistic they will get the job they want.

• They say the pandemic has bolstered their resilience, but that today’s education system is not giving them the skills they need.

• And that soft skills are just as important as technical abilities.

In a world of social disparities, where education has been severely disrupted by COVID-19 and the spectre of climate change looms, young people could be forgiven for being pessimistic about their futures. However, our new poll shows high levels of optimism about the chance of having the career they want. Young people know the challenges, but are confident they can overcome them.

Conducted through UNICEF’s U-report platform – a messaging tool that empowers young people to speak out on issues that matter to them – the poll found that 63% of the almost 11,000 youth across 136 countries who took the survey believe it is likely they will have the career they want in the future.

So why are many young people so positive? And what would the almost two in five young people who are pessimistic like to see to help them achieve their potential? On World Youth Skills Day, we spoke with a small group of youth to help understand what is driving this optimism and what challenges they are worried about. Here is what we learned from them.

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