Women rule

Blunt advice from badass Axios women

At Axios, women rule. Nearly 60% of Axions — yes, that’s what we call each other — are women.

  • Oh, we also have a group of women leaders who meet monthly called “Women Who Kick Axios.”

Why it matters: We’re witnessing a surge of women’s leadership in business. They’re starting businesses and running boardrooms. And the same is true at Axios.

So I asked four women leaders at Axios to share a few thoughts on leadership: Editor-in-chief Sara Kehaulani Goo, Chief People Officer Dominique Taylor, Executive Editor Aja Whitaker-Moore and Chief Technology Officer Mel Colton.

Sara says: Surround yourself with people who share your values.

  • When I consider working at a new company, I always think about what kind of integrity the place has, what they stand for and what they tell the world they’re about.
  • Then I try to get to know the people who work there and see, do they know where they need to improve and what they’re doing well — are they self-aware?
  • I want to work with people who share my values of honesty, integrity, curiosity and humility.

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