10 Controversial Elon Musk Quotes Guaranteed to Make You Love or Hate Him More

Elon Musk is the most controversial figure in history.

That’s what I’ve learned in the last few weeks. A theme of this Substack is to dissect the wisdom of controversial figures.

Because people you don’t like can still teach you lessons – and often they’re the lessons you desperately need to hear.

Elon Musk isn’t my cup of tea

Recently Elon Musk was accused of being racist.

One member of my community lost their marbles. They quit X right away in protest. I went through Elon’s tweets to see what happened. The media says he’s evil and racist. But when I read his tweets I didn’t see anything racist.

Elon has since come out and clarified he didn’t make racist remarks.

As we head into a U.S. election I suspect the media and politicians will continue to use Elon as a pawn in their political game.

Let me be clear: this doesn’t mean Elon is an angel or that I like him.

I’ll say it right now – I DON’T LIKE ELON. I feel he’s a 6 year old living in an adult body. His jokes aren’t funny and his memes are silly.

He’s the kind of guy that makes d*ck jokes and expects everyone to laugh.

At the same time Elon is sending more rockets into space than anyone else. There’s a high chance his company SpaceX will allow humans to be a multi-planetary species, and make space travel viable & cheap.

Tesla is another game-changer.

The electric car revolution wouldn’t have happened without Tesla. Layer in Elon’s work in AI, robotics, satellite internet and solar, and what you have underneath the layers of immaturity is a man who has done and will continue to do a lot for humanity.

So while I don’t particularly like him, I’d be an idiot to dismiss his contribution to humanity. And I (and you) can learn a lot from him.

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