2022 predictions for AR/VR, Metaverse tech and gaming” plus 1 more

More and more of users attention is spent on screens. And money follows attention. Here are the top 2022 predictions in AR, VR, Metaverse tech and gaming. And what gets us excited at @remaginev

We all know intuitively that forward-looking predictions can be wrong, or self serving, but we love them any way. It’s enough to look at the predictions from 2019 (that didn’t see Covid coming…) to understand how big trends can missed due to an unpredictable sequence of events.

But if anything, predictions offer us a forward looking view into existing trends, by extending the line from today to a near future. I collected some of the more interesting tech predictions for the coming year in some of the areas that interest us at Remagine: Metaverse tech (virtual worlds, immersive tech, web3), gaming and consumer tech from interesting reputable sources.

The list is by no means exhaustive, but it reflects predictions I generally agree with.

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