6 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day

In case you are just recently visiting Earth, well, things have changed slightly since 2019. (For the record, I checked and 2020 has a “no refund” policy.)

Yes, of course, I’m talking about working from home. In the span of roughly two weeks in March, the number of people in the US who had ever worked from home doubled.

From The New Corner Office:

Gallup polls found that, as of March 13–15, 2020, only 31 percent of U.S. workers had ever worked remotely; by March 30—April 2, 2020, this had doubled to 62 percent.

And Gallup found 59% of those people wanted to keep doing it post-pandemic. It definitely has benefits. Prior research has shown we’re 11-20% more productive on creative tasks while at home. Cool, huh?

But that same study also found that we’re up to 10% less productive at home while working on uncreative tasks. Most work? Decidedly uncreative. Uh-oh.

I don’t think I need to explain how working from home during a pandemic might reduce productivity even further. As many of us have realized, it can lead to some deeply cringe-y changes in behavior and a lack of showering that culminate in a dignity-free lifestyle. (I really hate when I put on 20 pounds for a role and realize I’m not a movie star.) Spend enough time not leaving the house and you’ll see more terrifying things than a private-mode browser window. And let’s not forget about the emotional challenges all this has created, like increases in depression and anxiety. We went from normal life to lockdown so fast we’re like divers with the bends.

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