Feature requests for monopolists

I’d like Gmail to be smart enough to automatically skip the spam folder for any mail that’s coming from someone I just wrote to.

I’d like my Apple calendar to know that I never, ever schedule meetings at 3:30 am and to guess that I mean PM. And I’d like it to not only know what time I typed in, but to not make me hit an extra button every single time to change the time from the default.

I’d like Final Cut Pro to allow me to watch the video I’m editing at a faster speed, the way all modern video playback permits these days. It would save hours and it’s got to be easy to implement. (Update: Fixed!)

I wish Fedex had phone service like they used to, and that UPS would make it easy for me to let the driver know where packages go, even (especially) since driver turnover is so high.

I’d like Netflix to offer much smarter sort mechanisms for discovery.

It would be great if Google stopped acting like an evil overlord when it comes to search, discovery and their relentless obliteration of providers they decide are competitors.

I have 80 more, but what’s the point, really? Without adversarial interoperability, monopolists don’t listen.

They don’t have to.


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