How We Look at Carbon Removal

Climate technologies are all the rage these days, with investors pouring around ~16B into the space through mid-year 2021.

One of the most fascinating and fastest-growing verticals within this is carbon removal.

While the carbon removal market in 2021 is slated to hit $1B in market value, quality and transparency remain concerns. Undoubtedly, a growing market for voluntary carbon offsets is good news. However, having a multibillion dollar market by the end of this decade is not good enough – we need to keep in mind the overall goal of climate technologies: limit planetary warming to 2 degrees Celsius or below.

In anticipation of a massively growing carbon removal market, I’d like to propose looking at a few key factors as we survey more and more carbon removal companies, so we can scale the carbon offset markets with both quantity and quality.

CarbonPlan, a nonprofit dedicated to researching the state of carbon markets, highlighted a few key factors during its analysis of carbon removal projects: mechanism, volume potential, negativity, permanence, price, and additionality.

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