If You Feel Unmotivated, Lazy, Or Like You’re Going Nowhere In Life, Read This

The day is 4 hours long

Too many people cruise through life feeling lifeless.

It happens unconsciously. They can’t put a finger on the problem. Once you get stuck in a rut it’s hard to get out. You just keep doing the same old bad things that got you here and can’t seem to break the cycle.

That’s how I spent the first half of my life – lazy, unmotivated, and going nowhere. It’s possible to break the cycle.

Here are a few thoughts that are guaranteed to create a breakthrough.

Get real with this hard truth

Many people BS themselves.

“I’m working hard and doing the best I can. I’m not the problem.”

The hard truth, as Dan Koe told me, is many of you are doing the bare minimum and getting the bare minimum in return. Just ‘doing enough’ won’t produce results, momentum, or a life where you feel fulfilled.

It’s time to go above and beyond.

Pick an area where you want to excel and then put an unreasonable amount of effort into it. Disconnect yourself from the results. Do the work for more than a year and don’t look back.

It’s what I did with writing online. I disappeared for a few years and put all my time into this area. The results took a long time to come through, but when they did, they completely changed my life.

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