Narrative violations

The timing couldn’t have been better. The Friday before Thanksgiving week is an ideal time for a news dump, when companies or politicians try to bury bad news. Instead, the Friday afternoon shock that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was being removed entered into prime time for the always-on information space.

There was no waiting for the inevitable behind-the-scenes tick-tock from The New York Times or Wall Street Journal. The information space, like crypto, doesn’t have opening or closing hours. The lack of information only served to fuel the basest of our current instincts: narrative creation. The creation of narratives has moved from the media establishment to the free-for-all of the information space, where professional media rubs up against corporatist interest groups, anonymous shitposters, PR-savvy venture capitalists, conspiratorialists, shameless careerists and pretty much a chaotic Noah’s Ark of humanity that’s sometimes reminiscent of the 700 Level at the Vet.

For some, Altman was deposed in a coup led by Effective Altruists, DEI bureaucrats, anti-tech doomers in the media, woke academics and probably San Francisco politicians. The saga caps a year of tech meltdowns, from FTX to Silicon Valley Bank to OpenAI.

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