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The 4 Types of Luck

Luck is a fascinating topic—often discussed, but rarely deconstructed. One of the best frameworks I’ve encountered to deconstruct luck is from Naval Ravikant.

He proposes four general archetypes of luck:

  • Type I—Blind Luck: Completely uncontrollable. Where you are born, who you are born to, and the base circumstances of your life all fall into this category.
  • Type II—Hustle Luck: You’re creating motion and collisions through hustle and energy that you are inserting into an ecosystem. The increase in collisions opens you up to more lucky events.
  • Type III—Awareness Luck: Depth of understanding within a given arena allows you to become very good at identifying and positioning yourself for luck. You can “spot luck” from a mile away because of your sensitivity to it.
  • Type IV—Expert Luck: Your expertise in a given arena creates luck. If you are an expert in a field, luck actually seeks you out.

I personally think of Type I – III as coming in stages as you grow up:

  • Type I dictates the early years of your life.
  • Type II comes into play as you begin to hustle in your 20s.
  • Type III sets in as you develop experience and awareness in your 30s.

Type IV is unique—it’s dislocated from age dependency.

In the digital age, expertise is no longer closely guarded by credentials or gatekeepers. Instead, it’s earned in the global intellectual arena of the internet. By writing, recording, and sharing your ideas online, you can build credibility and establish expertise that generates Type IV luck without ever leaving your home.

Put yourself out there—read, write, share, engage. This is the new way to get lucky.

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