A Brief Guide To World Domination

The world is changing rapidly!

Centuries-old societal structures are crumbling. 

This presents unique opportunities for multipotentialites to leverage their divergent thinking brains by taking action

Chefs blend multiple ingredients together to create new and unique taste sensations.

Chefs are artists.

They are generalists who pride themselves on the process as much as the outcome.

And cooks follow other people’s recipes.

They are all about getting to the outcome in the quickest, easiest, way possible.

They don’t care about the process.

Multipotentialites are chefs.

Cooks follow step-by-step instructions to recreate cookie-cutter content.

They are fucked.

Chat GBT makes cookie-cutter content much faster and better than cooks already.

Sure, Google will mark AI-generated content as spam, but there are already hacks to overcome and camouflage this.

AI is a good thing as it forces innovation

Multipotentialites are the most creative and innovative people on the planet — just ask NASA!

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