CEOs Urge World Leaders to ‘Do More Together’ in the race to Net Zero

-Following their open letter from June, members of the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders call on governments to take decisive action at COP26

-Hosted by the World Economic Forum, the Alliance proposes eliminating fossil fuels, cutting tariffs on climate friendly goods, supporting first movers, and investing in climate adaptation

-The Alliance is committed to reduce 1Gt of emissions annually by 2030, roughly equivalent to Japan’s annual emissions

-Leaders lay focus on following ambitious targets on the roadmap to net-zero by 2050, advocating for greater transparency on the level of emissions and financial impact

-Read the open letter and view signatories here

Geneva, Switzerland, 28 October 2021 – The Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, hosted by the World Economic Forum, appealed to the governments and world leaders to leverage COP26 as their best chance to halve emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050.

Signatories propose concrete steps to world leaders that would help businesses accelerate their emission reductions, scale up innovations and achieve a net-zero and nature-positive world by 2050.

“This letter sends a clear signal days before world leaders meet in Glasgow to agree measures that can safeguard our climate,” said Antonia Gawel, Head of Climate Action, at the World Economic Forum. “Chief executives are committed to ambitious, and science aligned climate action, and welcome bold policies to accelerate decarbonization efforts around the world at the outset of this critical decade.”

“The World Economic Forum Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders has grown to over 100 members, said Christian Mumenthaler, Chief Executive Officer, Swiss Re. “The private sector is playing a huge role in climate leadership by pressing for action along its value chains. With more collaboration across industries, we can accelerate the green transition.”

“For me this is personal, I will double my efforts and expect businesses, government and society to do the same,” said Jesper Brodin, Chief Executive Officer, Ingka Group | IKEA. “We will achieve and transition to a net-zero future that is good for both people and the planet, by working together. That is why we encourage more CEO’s to join us at the World Economic Forum Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders in the progress towards a new economy where everyone can be a winner.”

Following the lockdown caused by the COVID19 pandemic, COP26 will provide a platform for members of the Alliance, world leaders, government officials and representatives of the NGO community, to tackle the climate crisis together.

The full text of the Open Letter and the list of signatories can be found here on the Forum’s Agenda news site.

Read more about the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders and the Climate Action Platform

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