Is globalization over? The future of the liberal international order

After the second world war countries joined together to create international institutions, norms and values to ensure that such violence was never seen again. Globalization happened in conjunction with this new liberal world order, increasing connections across the world.

Now, things are changing. Anti-liberal forces grow in countries like Russia and China, and traditional proponents of a liberal world, like the United States, cut ties with the very institutions they helped create. What will happen next?

In this freely available special issue, experts examine the rise of deglobalizing forces and their connection to the liberal world order, before exploring what impact they will have on global politics in years to come. The issue starts by grounding these concepts, before assessing the role of nations and international institutions in deglobalization, and finally delving into the impact of these changes on the world. In his conclusion, T.V. Paul proposes a reimagining of the liberal order for the twenty-first century.

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