This Startup Is Making Ultra-Strong Building Panels Out of Grass

Construction is a major carbon emitter. The manufacture of cement alone accounts for eight percent of the world’s emissions. But humanity certainly isn’t about to stop building things—in fact, fixing the housing shortage should be near the top of our list of problems to solve. So we need to find more sustainable ways to build, and if they can be cheaper to boot, even better.

Companies are working on all kinds of solutions in the sustainable construction space, from 3D printed homes to carbon-negative concrete. A new potential solution is joining their ranks, and a recent infusion of funding indicates this unique idea could have a lot of promise.

Plantd is a startup that makes engineered building materials out of grass. That’s right—grass! The fastest-growing perennial grass on Earth, according to the company.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Plantd closed its Series A funding round to the tune of $10 million in January. Two of its three cofounders are former SpaceX engineers.

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