I joined Twitter in March, 2007. My first tweet was anything but glorious, “Sitting in Networking class. Not enjoying it.” Ten tweets before receiving my first like. Another fifty before my second. Reading my early tweets, I was confused by this lack of likes. I slowly remembered: likes didn’t exist. Instead there were favorites, bookmarks rather than algorithmic boosts. The absence of replies also felt odd. I was clearly having conversations with two college classmate (the only people I knew on Twitter)! Yesterday, one of those classmates reminded me, fifteen years after our first Twitter conversation, that replies also didn’t exist at that point.

A month after joining, I tweeted out my first link to a file on the college’s webserver. Neither that server nor my account still exist, and I have no memory to explain why I tweeted out my solution to that programming assignment. Two weeks after that, I tweeted out my first link to my old domain, In July, this website,, first shows up. At the end of the year, I still hadn’t interacted on Twitter with anyone outside of my two college classmates, and I’d collected roughly ten favorites.

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