If Sam Altman started another company

I’m starting to think about the future. November comes in and the predictions for 2024 are well and truly in play. I’ll make time in December to read, digest and review – and then curate my best 50 for you to read. I might even ask ChatGPT to help speed up the process.

Talking of openAI – it really was a plot twist to hear Sam Altman had been fired. As a couple of my friends said – it feels like a Steve Jobs moment. Either way, it’s an interesting moment in the most watched field of the day. What does it mean when the most powerful AI executive is out of a job? It will make the others stronger, and level the playing field. If OpenAI was publically traded, it would be down 35% on the news, given how synonymous he is with the company. But it’s not, and bar the announcement made, no one knows why or what happens next. Microsoft’s share price tanked, however.

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