International Security Newsletter: NATO must now transform old missions into new strategy

Work by the International Security Programme at Chatham House continues to engage with key security issues in the world.

In a recent expert comment, Jamie Shea argues that as the war in Ukraine becomes prolonged and unpredictable, risks for the transatlantic alliance will increase, as will the global shockwaves of the conflict.

Anum Farhan, Armida van Rij and Signe Kossmann argue in their expert comment, beyond the immediate challenges of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO should consider how to prepare for a context in which climate impacts are becoming severe.

With the press widely reporting on claims that AI has become sentient, Yasmin Afina provides an overview on why such sensationalist narratives on AI are unhelpful and dangerous.

In their expert comment,  Amrit Swali and Isabella Wilkinson explore how the proposed UN cybercrime convention, currently under negotiation, could help, and harm, vulnerable groups.

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