It hurts so good

What fornication and medieval torture can teach us about buyer behavior.

The short of it…     

By the end of this article, you’re probably going to want to hire me to write advertising for you. Don’t. I’m expensive, I’m tough to work and I miss deadlines. Instead, pay 1/100th of the price and purchase this guide. It’s cheaper, it’s easy to work through and it’s reliable; you can access it 24/7.

The long of it…

I’ve been an advertising man for six going on seven years now. I use the term “advertising man” quite liberally here. I’m a far cry from the dashing men and women walking the halls of firms the likes of OgilvyWieden + Kennedy and R/GA.

I’m Don Draper if Don Draper lost his straight razor, exchanged out his perfectly-tailored suits for oversized Carhart shirts and denim jeans and awoke one morning to find he was losing his hair at the same rate as Mr. Clean.

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