Ray-Ban Stories: Can Facebook finally make smart glasses work?

The tech giant is partnering with an iconic eyewear brand in an attempt to succeed where many others have failed.

Smart glasses are the graveyard of empires. From Google Glass to Snapchat Spectacles, many a tech titan has announced with great fanfare their intention to conquer the optical wearables space once and for all. None have so far truly succeeded.

Neither Glass nor Spectacles have managed to eke out a space in the consumer electronics market, let alone make augmented reality, or AR, a part of everyday life. Indeed, both were included on this list of nine infamous tech disasters of the 2010s.

So when I was offered the chance to get my hands on Ray-Ban Stories, the new collaboration between Facebook and the iconic sunglasses brand, I was nothing if not intrigued.

The glasses come with a 5MP camera on each side, three microphones, speakers, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability. They can be used for sound input and output while connected to a phone, and can capture photos and videos (up to 30 seconds at a time) whether or not they’re connected. They come in a number of different existing Ray-Ban styles and can be fitted with various kinds of lenses.

Perhaps what’s most notable about the Ray-Bans is what they’re not; AR. The glasses have no augmented reality features of any kind. All in all, they’re simply a pair of Ray-Ban glasses with a built-in Bluetooth headset and a camera that can be controlled by voice.

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