There is no good or bad – only congruent or incongruent

The other day a reader alerted me to a funny little scam being pulled, surprisingly, by Apple.  Apparently in the weeks running up to Christmas, they have been known to book all cargo flights out of China, partially to allow for rushes on their stock, but also to chuck a spanner in the works for their competitors – ensuring they’re going to be the only story in town for that time period.

To what extent this is really their intention I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t be the first time Apple has been accused of ethically dubious practices.  For years they’ve taken jibes relating to everything from working conditions, to environmental concerns, to tax; all the usual stuff you’d expect from a global manufacturing megacorp.

You’d think that over the years this kind of consistent criticism would have taken its toll on them in some appreciable fashion.  But you know what?

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