Will the Metaverse replace PCs?

Meta thinks it will, and they are betting everything on it.

I have spent a lot of time lately trying to figure out what Meta’s vision of the metaverse is, and whether it will happen anytime soon. In the long run they anticipate both VR and AR components, but the AR piece is quite a long way off, and probably to some extent depends on VR delivering real wins. So for the purposes of this piece I am focused exclusively on VR.

Of course, nobody can see the future, but there are two main camps:

Believers think that at some point in the next 5–10 years we’ll mostly stop buying laptops and desktops, and instead spend our screen time in VR. They see obvious advantages to full immersion, and consider it just a matter of time before the technology is good enough and cheap enough to get us all to make the switch. The main obstacle, they believe, is technical.

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