33 things I’ve learned in 33 years

An evolving list of things I’ve learned, unlearned and continue to relearn.

Commencing another trip around the sun can offer a moment to pause, reflect, and take stock of both the subtle and the swift changes that pepper the years.

I originally created this list on the eve of my thirtieth birthday to bring together lessons scattered across various interviews, writing and experiments. Many have since been expanded in my book I Didn’t Do The Thing Today, so this compilation may serve as a refresher if you have read it, or a taster if you haven’t! The chapters are designed so you can deep in and out as you encounter various messy bits of life.

That’s mostly where these lessons have been plucked from—the messy bits. There are things here that I learned too late or stumbled over again and again. But perhaps that’s precisely how we evolve.

Year by year, my hope is to add a new lesson this evolving list—and perhaps more importantly, remind myself of things to relearn and unlearn as necessary.

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