Can 3D-Printed Homes Be Built for Under $99,000? ICON Wants You to Figure It Out

From Kenya to MexicoTexas, and beyond, 3D-printed houses are starting to go up all over the world. Besides providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing structure, one of the biggest goals of 3D-printed homes is affordability. The technology replaces part of the human labor needed for building, cutting the cost of construction and lowering the home’s final price tag.

But so far this seems to be harder than anticipated; while a handful of 3D-printed homes have been priced well below their conventionally-built competitors, many others have sold at parity or just slightly undercut average market prices. Given that there’s a housing shortage of somewhere between 2.3 to 6.5 million homes (depending on whether multi-family construction is included) in the US, we’re going to need to do a lot better than that

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