How AI is Rewriting Political Advertising

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, campaigns are exploring how to leverage generative AI to influence voters, raising concerns about the spread of misinformation and election manipulation. With a contentious election on the horizon, understanding how generative AI may shape voter perspectives and actions is crucial, as is considering strategies to mitigate associated risks.

Below are the highlights from my conversation with Scott Brennen and Matt Perault, co-authors of The New Political Ad Machine: Policy Frameworks for Political Ads in an Age of AI. Scott is the Head of Online Expression Policy and Matt is the Director of the University of North Carolina’s Center on Technology Policy.

Below is a lightly edited and abridged transcript of our discussion. You can listen to this and other episodes of Explain to Shane on and subscribe via your preferred listening platform. If you enjoyed this episode, leave us a review, and tell your friends and colleagues to tune in.

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